November 2017
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As he walked away, Sarah gave me an incredulous look. “What the hell–?”
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“Pretty high?” Dan said with a crow.
“You look beautiful, Bethany Rose.” There was apprehension, now. “I’ll discern you in the morning, please make indubitable that Eliza understands the changes. Good night.”
When he finished, he turned to me and said, “I fondle like some pancakes and sausages this morning. You’ll find everything in the kitchen. I’ve gotta check my e-mail pre-eminent and then I’ll be in. But basic of all, I need to take a shit in peace so get the hell out of here.”
Across hamlet, Ty was just getting to Brittany’s house when he saw her dad’s transport leaving. He ducked under the dashboard as regards a moment before rising slowly to make sure the skim was unscarred. He parked in league of the house before heading up the walkway to her front door. Before he had the chance to knock, the door opened revealing Brittany in a white t shirt and a pair of skimpy white panties. Ty didn’t even say a word as he entered and they embraced before Brittany took him around the possession to her room.
“Are you sure?” he asked.
As he walked away, Sarah gave me an incredulous look. “What the hell–?”


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