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“Why are you telling me this? Are you distressing to warn me off?”
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Charity smiled at Clara and said: “Honey, at the end of the daylight, when I oblige you obvious and to myself, you’ll get a chance to say ‘give you’ with your lips and tongue, your mouth and all those attractive tits ‘n ass parts that you have.”
The jalopy pulled up in the carpark of the Jingoistic Gossip and they all walked through to Brian’s office. The good wishes that they received was not the one that they either wanted or expected.
‘Thanks mom… Now, what’s wrong? Why did you wake me up like this?’ I asked, putting the glass down.
He came screeching into the parking lot at her complex, picked a random spot, threw it in parking-lot and was running to her door in a matter of seconds. He surprised even himself and he felt a little ridiculous, but the love of his life was waiting naked for him. He wasn’t about to take his time getting there. He was, despite that, going to take his time making love to her. He couldn’t wait to make her appear.
“Why are you telling me this? Are you distressing to warn me off?”
“Okay,” Blaine released him and watched as Chad disappeared to broadcast the suitcases in, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, I can do this, I love him and we both deserve this, he chanted over and over in his head.


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