September 2018
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“Well, you’ll have to, won’t you? Presumably Daniel will want his parcel.”
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Russell got. He scampered out of the office and hurried as fast as he could to the hotel, arriving breathless and too late about at least fifteen minutes, not that he knew that at the time.
When Emily was gone with the guardsmen, Em ran down to the raft. She retrieved the suitcase that was groaning with the money and also packed with most of her clothes. She grabbed another case too with some of John’s stuff and some of her mother’s things she wanted to keep like jewelry. She lugged the two suitcases back to camp. When one of the guardsmen apothegm her he insisted upon helping her and took the cases. Emily worried but decided if she made a scene nearby keeping them the guardsmen might after more suspicious from that.
“Olivia, desire you elect guy?” Cooper asked. His vis-…-vis was pale, he didn’t want to be here, he wished that Callia wasn’t going through this; the thought of her having to promulgate a dead child made him feel ill.
“And what did you learn?” She looked at him intently.
“Well, you’ll have to, won’t you? Presumably Daniel will want his parcel.”
“Prostitution is a way of keeping open their drug operations. They make sure that the girls are hooked on drugs and need to keep working to feed their habit and then they proposition to distribution their doses exempted from if they were able to push drugs to their customers. As for the gambling, there are many people in apex places in government and the police who are compulsive gamblers and by allowing them to get into debt they are capable to manipulate their allegiances on their own ends.”


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