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“Fucking hell, Janine!”
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“Fucking hell, Janine!”
She sat him in the single plush moderate, big enough for two, that was separated from the couch nigh an unfinished spiritless coffee table. Both their eyes turned to the photographs on the couch across the room, and then to each other; where they remained, locked, welded, tied together, in silent communion. She knelt prior to him, soothe unclothed, and began to speak in the waning moments that she was purely his girlfriend.
“Then I shall barely have time to dress and look in on Lucy and wreak vengeance on my hair.”
Colby eagerly used her tongue to fuck Suzanne’s impermeable pussy. Streams of pussy juice flowed down her chin. She wanted to crusade Suzanne crazy. After waiting so long, tonight needed to be special.
“What? I ain’t jealous of that piece of shit.”
We eventually arrived at Marc’s frat house. As we entered there was as resounding whine of “Kiki!” from the guys in the common room. I grinned and blew kisses to them all. Marc laughed and led me to his room. I was surprised to see that it was the room Marc had taken me to last night. We sat on his bed and chatted some more while we cuddled. Marc told me I was in for a real treat tonight, two of his frat brothers were studying to be gourmet chefs so we’d be eating like royalty.


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