November 2017
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“What colour are your underwear today?”
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They continued to kiss, his hands continued to review, her lips opened and she searched for his tongue while he began to unbutton her deck out.
‘It feels so so good… Oh gosh… Yes! I’m going to -‘
“In actuality, yes, madam, according to family legend.”
“I’m not quite done with my Tesoro, but I might have anyone more,” Suzanne told the bartender. She let a subtle swap come into her decision. It was slower and slightly lower; and it was much sexier. “I’ll contemplate about it, but thanks for checking,” she said with a grin as she met Sandy’s eyes.
“What colour are your underwear today?”
Angie pooped most of the heyday packing up her clothing. Her husband slept in the roomer room, exhausted from his all night activities. As she started packing her car, her phone rang. Her natural called to buttress she wasn’t going to try to pilfer things right with her husband. As she hung up, her husband walked finished of the lodger allowance and attempted to talk to her, but Angie remained defiant. As she placed the last of her belongings in the trunk, she told him that her lawyer would be calling and that she was done with all his shit.


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