November 2017
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She took my hand, guiding me down on the bed with her.
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“No, you ass, of line not,” William Stanhope muttered. With a quick glance at his nearly naked sister-in-law, who lay stunned on the other side of the room, William grabbed Digby by the front of his shirt and jerked him to his feet. He reached down with his other hand and threw Caroline’s equipage back toward her, and then roughly pulled Digby into the foyer.
“Well! I see you two are getting along alright.” I turned my head to go steady with Karen standing there, her face flushed and her lovely box heaving.
She took my hand, guiding me down on the bed with her.
“And aren’t you gorgeousness itself,” Charity said, stroking Clara’s nipples with her outstretched hands.
Emily started to cry again and it was several more minutes before she could continue. “They made me do things,” she finally said and cried some more.
“Uhm, if you don’t mind, do you think I could get your number? I’d like to behold you again.” He’s not looking at me, staring instead at my hand on the table, as if he was scared I’d turn him down. As if!


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