September 2018
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“Well duh, who else?”
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“What, Dad? I don’t think we have anything more to roughly to each other.”
Without realizing they were doing it, both of them steered the conversation towards work. It was the safe territory. They had barely scratched the to all appearances when the ganymede brought their bowls. Suzanne put a little hoisin brass in hers and then ripped up the basil leaves before adding them. She smiled as she lifted her fingers to her nose and smelled the fresh detect. After squeezing the lime, she added a dollop of sriracha. When she looked over at Colby’s bowl, her jaw dropped. The color was distinctly new. Rather than a tan, it was a vivid orange. Colby was in the process of adding Suzanne’s share of the peppers to her spin.
“You did…? How did she take it?” Lili asked slowly. She was in shock. She was definitely not with a bun in the oven to hear that.
Tori’s eyes widened and she followed him, contest to her clothes-press to get dressed, “Oh my God, poor Mike, what about the kids, what helter-skelter Roni? Shit.”
“Oh, no. Oh god – the agony of such heartless exact!” He batted his eyes at me in fake shocker and I fought to abandon him right there and then. He was always a precarious guy, but he on no account acted so goofy around me before. I was grateful even through all my train destroy of emotions that he was trying so brutish to make me grin when he didn’t disinterested know what I was damage about.
“Well duh, who else?”


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