October 2018
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‘Yeah, I gave him a spare t shirt for now,’ she said.
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As Jamieson entered the restaurant he caught a glimpse of her sitting in a booth at the behind. She rose to meet him and he paused to take in the beauty of what stood in the presence of him. She was dressed in jeans tucked into sustained dark-skinned boots and wore a floral blouse that was tense plenty to reveal the lines of her body. Over her chair was draped a dispirited anorak. Her long straight hair was pulled back from her face and tied at the nape of her neck with a bow. She catchword his fixed take her in and bobbed before him in a mocking curtsy.
‘Yeah, I gave him a spare t shirt for now,’ she said.
Oh and also if you haven’t yet I would promote reading the key two parts before this one, it makes it better =)
“I’m okay. It’s hard, especially with the way Daddy is,” Suzanne replied in a short clipped way.
“But they can’t have done,” Sarah protested, looking in dismay at the puddle she’d left in her wake. “The baby’s not due for another two weeks. Maybe that was just–” And then she stopped again, her eyes widening in shock as she clutched at her belly, her face contorting with pain.
“Wait,” I breathed, staring at him again. “You knew days ago?”


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