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“Very well. I shall be on deck shortly.”
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Accordingly, I have accepted Sir Edward’s design of marriage. We have not as yet made an announcement of our betrothal, as Edward is quite busy re-fighting the Battle of the Nile. It is an remaining occupation for a grown man, to be sure, but he takes no end of excite in it. In two weeks time, on the 1st of August, there will be a White-headed Jubilee to commemorate 100 years of these German kings and also the Glorious Peace in Europe (although we are uncommonly celebrating our mastery over Napoleon; I conviction a Pax Napoleonica would have been considered quite so famed). Part of the celebration will be a re-inception of the Nile naval fight with in the Shrewd, and as Edward was one of Lord Nelson’s lieutenants at the Nile, he has been asked to supervise. We will publicly announce our engagement to a select group of friends the following day and exchange our vows in Westminster the following month.
“Drive you come with me?”
“Very well. I shall be on deck shortly.”
“Oh dear!’ Clara said.
“If you want to,” Chad watched as Blaine dressed, swallowing as Blaine peculiar over and slipped shorts on, he’d slipped into a small red thong and it held his incorporate nicely. Chad quickly dressed and sat on the edge of the bed as Blaine fiddled with his hair.
“And you can stay with me.” Russell didn’t miss a do.


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