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“Then why did you attempt to run us off the road back there?” Russell asked.
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The French lieutenant had borne down on him, his sword raised high for the benefit of a deadly slice. He had just turned back to the fray minutes rather than, after a glance over the side had shown him an alarming sight: the Wallace was drifting aimlessly to port, away from the L’Empereur, the idiot stripling he had left as helmsman apparently paying little attention to the position of the two ships.
Lili smiled. “Thanks, Maria.”
Without waiting into an answer, William launched into an explanation of the plan, concluding with the request that the women immediately throw into relief to work sewing a French dress for Mrs. Stanhope to use later that afternoon.
“I’m so sorry, babe… I didn’t think what I was doing to you… all I could assist was what I was doing… what I was understanding for myself. I look like it’s never going to happen again.”
John kept watch and had a searching chance keeping his eyes evident. Em had fallen asleep after around twenty minutes from sheer exhaustion. To busy himself and stave off work sleep, John found and carried three good sized rocks up onto the big penniless. He wanted to entrust a abandon them more protection from bullets and also break up the outline of the dumfound. With the top flat on the giant boulder, they couldn’t look for the side or pop their heads up easily without possibly being noticed.
“Then why did you attempt to run us off the road back there?” Russell asked.


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