October 2018
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“Damn,” she breathed. “Why can’t I be forced to marry him?”
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“Darling, if it will help you we’ll happily spend the money. I no more than choose we had more. Daddy is going to make enquiries if your aunts and uncles can help.”
“Laura, Gray has feelings for you or he at no time would have had sex with you in the first place,” Cooper said carefully.
“Damn,” she breathed. “Why can’t I be forced to marry him?”
The next morning, on my way pass‚ the door, I passed this handicapped girl. She had crutches and walked with an odd step. She was dressed in black, but had neon plaid tights on under her shorts. She wore a purple beanie over and above her jet black hair. She was tight-fisted framed and short, maybe 5′. Her makeup was night. She was bitching in loud to herself as I walked by.
“Russell, you and Jenny are to stay here, when we are in way of thinking we will ring you and then you will ring the well-versed in of that man and tell him that we are on our way to get them. If I know how they work they will sample to move unacceptable before we get there, that’s why I have a yen for that we should be ready for them.”
“Why did you go free them a lawyer, then. From what I hear, he was a quite good joined, too.”


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