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"You're crushing me," Blaine gasped and sighed in relief as Chad released his hold slightly.
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That alone would have entitled her to the unending gratitude of the officers and gang of the Wallace. However, Mrs. Stanhope was not finished. Without the intelligence of those of us on the deck of the L'Empereur, two French seamen had dropped to our ship as the battle raged. They advanced on the wheel. In the darkness, wearing a hat, shirt, and trousers, I have no scepticism that Mrs. Stanhope looked very much like the youngster they ascendancy have expected.
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"This perfectly in..." the newscaster said. "There has been a serious fortune in Riverdale at the intersection of First and Sheer Street, as a red Honda was, according to witnesses, run slack the road before an unknown driver. The driver was taken to Riverdale General, and her condition is unknown at this time..."
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