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If there had even been any doubt in Eliza's mind, it was past now. She wanted to reach out and just touch the silk. 'Silk. I've got cotton and she be's silk..."
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"Okay, you can reach me in my car. I'm going to pep up right away," Suzanne said after giving her the number. The call didn't last much longer and then Suzanne was already getting ready to leave. She hadn't changed from work still, so it wasn't long before she was out of the closet the door. In the crate, she sent Colby a text, letting her know what was happening and that she would twig in touch when there was any more news. A two minutes later, she got a text back asking if there was anything Colby could do.
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Looks like I got some explaining to do...
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In what way, Mr. Metzler Sr. let it be known that if the federal government saw a tactical use for this spin-off, their resolution would be principal and we would be involved with them whether we liked it or not.
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