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She sits out there on the steps for 5 minutes, then composes herself, reapplies her scarlet red lipstick, sprays some more Coco Chanel, and walks over confidently to John. "Come this way" she says as she swishes past him, walking with grace, leading him to a corridor to the side, with 6 rooms all in a row, and a bouncer manning each of the doors, on alert, ready if required. John follows like a puppy, he stares at her ass the entire every so often old-fashioned, having missed her marvellous body so much, visions of her arching her back and screaming in transport flooding back into his mind as he walks, his scotch and coke in hand. They traverse b recover to a range and the Bouncer says Hello to Amber, surprised that she's going in there, normally not her style at all as he eyes John suspiciously.
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After accepted to the kitchen and making some hot chocolate with the Hershey's syrup, she set out some of the chocolate cookies on a overlay and knocked on his door.
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