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I had promised Greg a carnation and a newspaper and that's what I was going to give him. I had curled my black chin eventually bob into barrel curls and had slipped a silk red carnation behind my ear. I was delighted my decorate still fit given my current penchant for creamy pasta dishes and checked myself out in the window of the newsagents as I bought the newspaper that would display my identity. Being five foot four was normally something I hated until I was masterful to slide my feet into my doozy heels and this evening's pair were particularly beautiful, patent red to match my carnation and shiny with a thin and very high heel. I scrubbed up well even if I did tell so myself. I was so wrapped up in congratulating myself to making it out of the house that I didn't notice the newsagent offering my change until I heard him call,
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What was that supposed to mean? 'I see. Didn't he believe her? Why should he, she guessed. She doubtlessly wouldn't have believed it, either.
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"You're right; you could never compare. She's in love with me. Not you. A couple of dates in your Audi won't unpin that. Nor will it stop me from getting her back. So go ahead and get too invested in something that you'll never have, you'll end up vitiate when I reprimand back." Quincy damn near headed his warning. Almost. As he settled on a perception, a clumsy titter fled his lips. It took a few seconds for him to compose himself to respond.
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