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"Thank you," she whispered.
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Talking from the other side of the line... James continued writing down the word from the ticket agent.
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"I hurt a lot of people, because of those decisions, and it took me a long time to in effect want help. Eventually, though, I did. My mom helped me around back into rehab. It's been two years since I used. Every morning, I get up tenacious to tack on one more day," Chloe said with a little smile. "Some days are harder than others, but I am doing okay."
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"Sufficiently, I'll contend against this downstairs and wash up then."
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"I'm sure you'll be fine, Matthew."
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"Hello?" She whispered.
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I found the differ between Naomi and Carol intoxicating, proving the opposites positively do attract. While the idea of having shacking up with a black ball had a certain appeal I vowed to wine Naomi as a woman lover who just happens to have darker skin. I wrestled this in my mind and was lost in my thoughts when Naomi took my hands.
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