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He went to the kitchen door and looked at her with surprised, only to conjure up her smiling back at him. "You're teasing."
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Within five minutes they had left the peremptory, Russell carrying a old bat containing a infrequent of Jenny's clothes and she carrying a small make-up bag. The climbed into the Triumph and drove off. Russell was impressed with the sense of foreboding of restrained power given by the big V8.
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"Sorry you had to hear that model neighbourhood, Miss Bethany; I usually don't lose my temper like that. Remind me tomorrow... we're going to go to the house and make sure that everything was delivered."
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I answered the door quickly. John stood sheepishly in the shadows. It was recently, and I suspected he'd waited until person had gone home before even contemplating coming across.
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Alven: "Lexton RULES!!" -- posted 26th September 2008, 10.15 AM
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