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Dinner was wonderful. Suzanne picked a given of the famous Seattle seafood restaurants. Coming from the Midwest, it was a up to date encounter for Jillian to eat freshly caught salmon. While she loved that, Jillian was less enthusiastic about the oysters on the half shell. Suzanne had introduced Colby to them months before and she was now a connoisseur of them. She managed to get in touch with her friend to try a couple, but the most Colby could get out of Jillian was that they "were less disgusting than she expected."
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Rachel looked at her love's front and planned it for a long while before declaring, "I'm not buying it."
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At the end of the day, Colby couldn't help herself. On her way out, she looked around the doorjamb to find Suzanne still hard at work. When she recognized Colby, Suzanne gave her a cool but genuine smile.
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