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"Suzanne, I inclination you hadn't run out like that. I ... uh ... I consideration you could find happiness with ... uh ... someone if you exactly gave it a chance. I never wanted you to be poor. I hate leaving messages. Would you conscript and talk?" Her father's voice was much less stationary than normal. Suzanne could tell that he didn't at the end of the day know what to say. She paused for a two seconds and then hit play on today's message.
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"I get the feeling that you are upsetting to back me into a corner here. I think that I'll have to enjoy another look at you without before I can safely say one way or another."
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She put both hands to her standing, laughing so harsh she couldn't move. Eliza, definitively understanding what had transpired, laughed with them. She never thoughtfulness she would ever enjoy life as much as she was.
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