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"Good because you're trying something late and, hey, at times it's...wow!...And no strings united either...which can be good...I assume..."
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"They're on their way to LA, Thomas' got a client there and they all decided to make a trip of it. They bought Cookie to us. I told Mom and Dad before we left," Chad shrugged and slipped a black shirt on. Chad seemed withdrawn and reclusive; Blaine hoped he didn't regret getting married or having sex with him. Maybe Chad didn't enjoy himself.
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"Sweetie, I don't fall short of to make you either, but we've got to eat, shower, get dressed and then mean up to the service. I let you sleep as long as I could," Colby told her.
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"I love you too," Blaine smiled and kissed Chad again, gazing up into the ignorance blue eyes of his handsome boyfriend. "You're usual to have to let me support a move you know."
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