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"Thank you." Blaine squeezed Tina's curvy carve out and smiled. Caboodle was right in his life at the moment.
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"Pig fucker," he slurred, spittle whipping out as he stumbled to the desk. "Fucking PIG fucker." He turned wild eyes on Ella, and she gasped. His right eye was a dark and ugly red, the field around it already bulge and yellowing. Grunting, he reached into his pockets and extracted a pitch. "Motherfucking pig fucking fucker." He continued muttering to himself as he fumbled, unlocking the top drawer of his desk in advance finally dropping the key. He ignored it as he extracted a small handgun from the drawer and turned pursuing supporting Adrian's unmoving form.
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"The answers to your questions, in command are, no I don't have a birthmark on my left, or quest of that content right, buttock." Both men swung on all sides to face Jenny who had entered the reside un-noticed. "I work for the Solomon Energy as a model I am not connected in any way with any organisation, federal or differently that could be considered remotely interested in National Security. I am a first generation Australian of Italian ancestry. Believe it or not, the one person I have had as a lover who could be interested in whatever it is you are doing is standing right here in this reside, and if it would help, I am quite disposed to place myself in his disquiet and custody for the duration, and if he is interested, much longer, just so that there can be no question or discord as to where my interests, motives and loyalties lie."
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You're perfect the way you are - Katie xoxoxo
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