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Russell and Jenny returned to his flat where they worked putting together an article that explored the growth of the CIA and its links with subversive activities both in prison the United States and around the world. It also mentioned the animosity that existed between the CIA and the FBI in America where J. Edgar Hoover saw its involvement in internal activities was a foreboding to the power base that he had carefully nurtured.
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Tuptim jumped up onto the little half wall between the sink and the toilet. She clearly wanted some more concentration. Placing the bottles back in the cabinet, she reached over and petted Tuptim. Lifting her indicator up, the cat reared up on her hind legs so that she could keep contact with Suzanne's connivingly. It always made Suzanne grin. "I can't leave you, can I?" she whispered. There were moments when that was all that stopped Suzanne. Growing back to getting ready, she brushed her teeth and then went into the bedroom. Tuptim stuck with her the whole situation incidentally. As soon as she was settled, the little cat jumped up and snuggled down beside Suzanne. Like usual, she picked a dirty that was just just within reach, forcing Suzanne to stretch in order to be able to scratch the furry head. "Cat power play," Suzanne told her with a grin. "You win." With that, she turned off the light and tried to drowse.
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