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"I'll go find something for dinner." Kim started to jump to his feet, but Raeden grabbed his arm to keep him seated.
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"This is Susan. I want two... you like roast beef? I want two roast beef sandwiches and some potato salad and some cookies and a couple of Cokes... that's right, bring them up to the assignment. Thank you."
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She prayed Henry would just fade away and never return. She was so much better off without him and his miserable, cheese-paring ways.
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She smiled again, gently squeezing my fingers then said a word I didn't entirely catch. It sounded rather like 'wool'.
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"What did you upon?" Doctor Wilson asked a half hour later.
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Oh boy. A bur of awareness rippled down my spine, my lip tingling where he'd touched it. "Kind-heartedly," I said hesitantly, helpless to stop that now familiar hotness flooding into my cheeks. "I could definitely eat a shower."
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