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Her fingers clutched the apron she had found in the pantry.
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Greg watched as Tori kissed her avenue down his assemblage, lifting his tshirt as she did so. He sat up to clasp it unsatisfactory and throw it across the apartment in his impatience to feel her in his arms again. Lying back, he felt Tori undo his jeans and fall forget her hands into his boxers. She smiled up at him feeling the pre-cum delighted that he was as eager for this as she was. Taking his cock out, she moaned before sucking the head into her mouth, swirling her creole around the head up front taking him far down into her throat. Greg threw his head no hope and moaned long and sonorous. Tori felt him take her head in his hands, following her movements and thrusting himself gently into her mouth. She opened her throat and let him do what he needed, moaning deep in her throat as his grip on her head tightened and with a shout came deep in her throat.
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"Are you ready?" Chad whispered mentally keeping his fingers crossed. If Blaine backed out now he thought his dick would fall off, he would wait longer if needed.
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"I'm glad you said that Kiki, because I want to keep you too. I grasp we've only known each other for a week, but I grasp you're the girl I'm going to join."
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"What are you doing here?" Her voice was tight and hushed. He stifled a sly grin.
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