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"Because Callie reminded me that I could have been her father, had things been differently," Patrick said from the doorway. He held up his hands as Lucas, Blythe and Suzie stood up and pulled their guns from the holsters. "I'm turning myself in, but leave Greg pass‚ of this, he is as innocent in this as Callie is," Patrick told them.
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Having followed her down on to the bed, Ben held her closely, trying to give himself time to think. She put her hand on the back of his head and pulled his face to her neck. Of course--her neck! She'd said she liked being touched there that night on the sieve. His connivingly began its caresses as he kissed her throat, his lips suspicion the vibrations as she made soft humming noises. He nibbled down to her shoulders, kissing and sucking. Pausing throughout the briefest time, he recalled their chat and which part of her awesome body he should explore next. Gently pushing her back, he opened the negligee exposing her body. Her breasts were perfect. Extensive and rounded, larger than he could cover with his together and topped with perfect night pink nipples.
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