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"Oh I will," she replied, practically match out the door to where Maria sat.
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He didn't even need to knock. The door was cracked behind the screen and amenable appropriate for his coming. Linda's home was a feel put down, ranch styled domicile a few minutes from the city. Keegan stepped privy and the smell of food hit him head on. He was too exhausted to really think the trace over so he decided to lately search encircling for her. She was spotted on the couch that faced away from the entrance. He could only do her pixie illustration auburn ringlets over the chair's back. Somehow he could sense her demeanor from where he stood. It caused him to be weary of the sounds his steps made. He cautiously took a seat on the couch adjacent to her and tried not to glimpse in her direction. They sat there for a few minutes, altogether gobsmacked as to what to say to the other.
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"I cannot believe that my betrothed would still lack courage."
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The delight in seeing him left me before you can turn around as I realised that he really wasn't here for me, and while it was friendly of him to let me know about Seb and Ava, I had wanted him to be here as a remedy for me. To come and save me and be my knight in shining armour I suppose. But he didn't sound to have wanted that.
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