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"And who strength you be?"
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This conversation was overheard by a reporter from one of the more sensational weekly tabloids eminent for breaking stories which disconcert honourable about everybody under the sun in some sort of right. He hastily scribbled a few notes in his notebook and ran to a phone stall. "Bob, quickly, can you get someone to descry out where the Feds are taking three men who were arrested at the airport a while ago for causing a fracas. I want someone to stick to them like glue until I can catch up with them. In the capital in unison a all the same I have another superintend to take in here. At this stage it is in the hunch category, but there is a peculiar piscatorial aroma surrounding this whole shebang."
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He nodded, "Damn it, caught . What gave me away? My night plan goggles?"
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