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"Don't 'Maria' me, and don't be laughable. You know you want to invite him, and you'd keep a considerable beforehand and amazing sex."
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Colin gave him a brief nod, notwithstanding confused at why the other man was there.
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"Shoot." Cassie said, her back to him.
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Hattie asked everyone what they wanted, repeated it straight away and then turned towards the block. At the same time, Suzanne headed atop of to where she thought the bathrooms were, leaving Piper and Colby close to themselves. Piper noticed that rather than watching Hattie walk away, Colby turned her head to keep an knowledge on Suzanne. It wasn't until she disappeared into the pour that Colby turned away. Piper was unmoving looking at her and couldn't prevent a little flush of fix from being caught watching her.
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