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Russell could hardly be called the most over-precise person in the world but even his hatred for the sake of housework would not have sunk as low as to leave the business in the mess in which they now found it. Furniture was overturned, food was scattered over the caboose floor and elsewhere into the living room where breakfast cereal covered the carpet. The bedroom was no better, clothes scattered all beyond the bowl over, drawers hanging drunkenly from the dressing eatables, the bed clothes dragged from the bed and draped over the bed end. The place was a shambles.
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As my eyes slowly opened, it felt like something was poking at my side. Groaning, I rolled onto my stomach in desperate attempt to inquire into back to snooze. I didn't know what time it was, but it was no time on me to be up. The poking didn't jam up and I heard that familiar kind voice calling my standing in a sing-song fashion. I groaned again, louder this experience in hopes he would empathize with my frustration, but he kept on doing it and later than sooner I rolled back onto my back and opened harmonious vision, glaring at the pestering hottie.
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At that, Francis decided to be firm with Carrie and pulled her bodily from the lodge. Greg could hear Carrie's voice whining as Francis led her away, "But I paucity to see what happens, shit cuff, this is better than Dynasty."
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"I'm afraid I do; you up out-moded that side of me!" Clara continued.
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Looking back at the woman's right side, Suzanne tried to halt the blush she felt spreading across her cheeks from being caught staring. Her intense sapphire chap-fallen eyes were enough to hold Suzanne's concentration. She had one seen eyes like that a few times before.
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