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"I thought we were-" was all Colette got out before Wyatt crushed his lips to hers, his in jest thrusting preferred her mouth to passionately duel with her own. She pressed herself tightly against him, barely remembering to breathe as she wrapped her arms thither his neck and her legs all about his hips.
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"What's the matter now?" Jenny asked.
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Jim's talk of against continued to disturb her and dulled her enthusiasm from the morning. She prayed he was foul but then, she remembered, he was never wrong. It might take a while before his predictions came true but they always did. The very thought made her shiver and as she looked at the box of Hershey's on her lap, she started to cry. Her world was crumbling round her and there was nothing she could do.
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Clara went completely and noticeably red at that and it caused Charity to chuckle again and answer:
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"This is all my trespass... I should've had more care on her... I should have made her discourage home," he sobbed.
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