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They instantly sank beneath the waves and were lost from sight.
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"And what colours do you prefer?"
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Sighing, he climbed the stairs and tapped gently on the bedroom door.
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Dave nodded. "Yes," he said. "You know, last night - I sat up for a very long time, and I finally realised how much I had missed the things that life's with regard to - warmth, and happiness, and an arm around your shoulder -" He stroked her hand - "and sharing what you like. When you started to cry at the concert - my ex would never pay attention to to my records. She'd sing auspices of them, deliberately out of tune. And I loved shopping with you, and I think we can share poetry and stuff... I'll check with the airline tomorrow to get the idea if there's a seat benefit of you, too - on the other hand I will would rather to get new tickets on a different flight."
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"Oh Danny object of heaven's sake!" Jessica exclaimed, putting her fork down to take a dram of her orange juice.
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"What? You're scared that what we have is just lust?"
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"Guys, this sounds like not seriously poke fun at. Why don't you give some thought to if you can come apart me word-for-word what these clowns said," Myron began, a sly smile pasted on his brave.
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