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Scott finally entered her apartment later that evening. Kate had walked all worrying how he might react to the tidings Warren had given him. She had tried to phone her father to ask him what he had said, but he was away on business and wasn't answering his mobile. Avoiding her, more likely.
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"Go away," Adrian hissed.
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I'd pushed one-time mother and daughter and headed into the bathroom, the signs of their occupation everywhere. Janine's toiletries were on the tiled window sill, there were pliant ducks in the bath, nappies and baby wipes stacked on the floor in front of the scales and a changing mat coequality to the bath. But when I opened the mirrored cabinet above the sink, I was taken even further aback to see the other bit of fluff's things crammed in next to mine. A tinpot supermarket variety of tampons, face cream, perfume, boost-up. Well-founded how long had she been staying there?
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"Enchanted," Wellington said. He took Caroline's hand in his and bowed poor to squeeze his lips against her flesh, a peck that lingered maybe slightly longer than propriety would get suggested appropriate. It confirmed everything she had heard about his reputation. The victor of the battle of Vitoria and the beleaguerment of Toulouse was in his forties, married but, as was often the case when he stepped out in London society, with a wife nowhere to be seen. He was a handsome man, with dark, flashing eyes that seemed full of judgement.
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"Besides, I'll bet Dave was a terrible lover."
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