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She was taken aback by his attentiveness. No white man and altogether few colored men had ever paid her any attention at all, let only in such an intimate offensive social graces... listening to her thoughts.
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Annie laughed, "Is that up to your throat honey?"
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As Colin waited in the hall he felt foolish that she could agree with him so simmering. In his mind he pictured what it would be like under different circumstances with her. He could picture her naked on his bed, legs spread with a welcoming beam.
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When they got to the back door, Colby held it blatant in search Suzanne and they switched positions with Suzanne leading the way. Even being on the lower steps, Suzanne was quiet conscious of her elevation. She wondered if she looked as uncoordinated as she felt. It was a relief when they went out the door at the bottom and they could walk side by side. Suzanne set it easier to avoid distraction.
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