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She missed her sisters. Over the past few years things had gotten tenser between them because of Sabrina's desire for individualism. But when things weren't tense, they were facetiously and enjoyable. They'd talk about their favorite TV show, Scandal and laugh together at their mother's lodge until she kicked them out. Ivy's signature bun was tight at the nape of her neck. Brittany was beautiful and courageous while her mother observed all the people around her.
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"Don't cry it's your fault she's there. If that idiotic cow hadn't gotten herself knocked up then she wouldn't need this fucking job." Tony yelled and Blaine watched as if in slow motion as a beefy fist aimed for his observation again.
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"I was going to go into cosmetology. I didn't think I had the brains for college.Then we got a new French teacher my subordinate year, Monsieur Hachet. He got me to believe in myself. He got the funding for me to do the program in France. But I had to promise to do rigorous courses my elder year and forgo the vocational training. And I had to take French 4. So, I did, and here I am."
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