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"Valid, take care of her. You comprehend her, but I think dialect mayhap she is hurting more than you realize. I like her. If I lived closer, I might ..." Piper trailed off. "Never mind, but just supporter her."
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Chance looked at her and shook his head. "I guess not."
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The leader, speaking in excited Spanish, urged his men to higher ground. They moved off the beach into the rocks and palms running the spike of the cay. Keeping the same formation they worked their way to the middle of the archipelago and climbed onto rocks looking for signify of someone surviving the plane crash that power still be alive. Single of the men even scaled a palm for mammoth visibility. They weren't seeing anything more indicating person and were beginning to think whoever had buried those people had already died themselves from starvation or dehydration.
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He suggested telling her brother a few times, but Jill refused and wouldn't expose him a satisfying fulfil when he asked her why. Did she feel the same for him as he did her? Rory thought so, but couldn't be trusty when she was being so stubborn as far as Jason was concerned.
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"You really are bad distant, aren't you?"
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