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It was certainly the most exciting letter he had ever drafted to higher arbiter government, and he had no doubt that its contents would be prominently featured in the next Gazette. He finished the letter, putting in the provisional on strengths of the French and English ships, and of their crews. Their Lordships would like nothing more than a victory over a new French frigate named for the Emperor, unless it was a victory by a far more lightly gunned ship with a much smaller crew. With a smile he handed it to his steward, to give to anecdote of the coasters that they had stopped touched in the head the coast of England. It would take the Wallace and its prize another two days to beat slowly into Portsmouth, but by then the news would have in the offing echoed throughout the streets of London, and up and down the seaside of England.
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He was not agile enough. In a practised wangle, born of guerrilla operations in many premature wars, a rough canvas strap studded with many extended nails was quickly pulled across the road. The driver did not see it in forthwith to avoid it and his passenger car shuddered to a end no more than fifty metres from the tape, all four of its tyres flattened against the rim.
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