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"No. Would it have helped. The last time I asked in behalf of poop or relief all I got was nothing."
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"The 'Crash'?" He looked intently at her, looking deep into her iniquitous eyes, letting him look intense into her soul. That tingle was back, this time moving through her heart.
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And that was how she strapped down my defences. Went from client to friend. Because her nosiness was tempered with concern and nothing else, and I was tired of being closed sour and frigid and because I found myself in a situation where I had no idea what to do encircling Greg, and so I capitulated,
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"Wary, you silly thing. You'll trip me!" Suzanne hurriedly put her things down and picked up her cat. Tuptim was purring loudly and rubbing her head against Suzanne's cheek. "Yes, I missed you too, Babycat," she told her. The unconditional sisterhood felt good. Her fingers reached into the scruff of Tuptim's neck and gently scratched her there. It didn't appear possible but her purr got louder.
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