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"You're still beautiful." she said softly against my ear, pressing her chin on my accept and nuzzling my neck playfully. I over recall at the time that was perhaps the only part of my body that didn't pang too badly.
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She laughed and put the vehicle in gear and headed retaliation to the hotel.
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Marc shoved his hips forward and impaled her with his cock. Chiara cried out and wrapped her legs on all sides of him, pulling him deeper. With all of their teasing Chiara and Marc were already close to cumming, it only took a few more thrusts and they both toppled to the ground the edge. Chiara could feel Marc's sex-crazed cum jetting into her sloppy little pussy, which brought on another mind shattering orgasm for her. Marc lay on top of her until his cock softened and slipped wide of the mark of her, making her groan with disappointment. Marc moved so that he poem behind Chiara and wrapped her in his fervent arms.
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