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Rocky ran out of the room and followed Butch. I sat up and stretched my arms.
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In the Vanquish Jerry was working swiftly. He was now in his element pushing the car in the manner for which it had been designed. The worked P76 V8 motor (the motor had been stripped down and the Leyland pistons and heads replaced with Rover parts) with its higher than normal compression had a narrower torque bind and consequently Jerry had to make full use of the fixed correspondence five speed gear box that had been fitted. His changes were crisp and well timed, coming into a downhill bend he went deep into the corner before heel and toeing without hope via fourth and third to second. Caught unawares the driver of the Porsche set up himself entering the corner much too quickly. It spun twice before the driver managed to wash off enough speed and wrestle it in back of surreptitiously under check before accelerating after the Triumph.
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"She's my sister. I work after... Mr. Ewart." She had caught herself upright in time. To have referred to him as 'James' would prepare created a new set of problems for him, ones he didn't deserve, not now, not ever.
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