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At the sound of the rather irritated male voice, a cold overlay of shock flooded through me. Daniel...
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"Ah, yes." He nodded toward the roaring fire. "Your coal. A very sensible investment."
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Her phone rang again, this time playing Colby's ringtone. She held the Bluetooth in her hand but didn't count it back in her consideration. "She can't be my crutch all the time," Suzanne softly said. "Anyway I don't neediness to talk to anyone with the mood I'm in." The phone went silent for a minute or so then, it beeped to let her know there was a message. Suzanne couldn't help warmth guilty to save not answering. She knew Colby would be worrying about her. Putting the earpiece back in, she pressed play.
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"I'll lift weights from the house then. I'm not quitting." Cassie said, finally turning around.
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