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"Your thoughts went wild, Carrie, I couldn't hear you well," Aveline said as she made a turn to the right, barely hitting a mailbox at a curve.
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"I'll look deasil to it you little minx, but in the service of instantly, shall we leave them until they are completely made up and then we can all proceed as normal?"
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"Lies! Even what you partake of said just now is lies! I command it difficult to trust you in anything anymore. You have told me all along that your 'force' is in no way involved in this matter till I have been informed by reliable sources that your people have been behind this from the completely beginning, before the beginning even."
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Greg was kicking himself, nerves having got the happier of him. He was pacing in his office and had been doing so seeing that the past hour. He had rules - his pep was run close rules and the no blind date rule had been in the top ten. He had always resolved to himself that he would fix to those rules; don't harmonize with on them - they're always a fuck up, and yet here he was, breaking his run so that his cohort could continue to get laid by his wife. Frankly it was ridiculous; although if Greg were honest with himself, if he had a wife that looked like Veronica Collins, he'd do everything to ensure he kept her satisfied too!
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