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--It is not considered polite to stare buddy, Oldman commented, wondering if he would embark the same response as Harry received yesterday. There was no acknowledgement.
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"That doesn't mean that we'll match."
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"I came to see you Amber," he said firmly. "I once tracked you down, but I never attentiveness I'd light upon you in a place like this," as he looked her up and down deliberately, then looking in her eyes to manage her reaction to that remark. The old Amber would've fired straight back, but not now. She said nothing in reply, knowing it wasn't her in the good old days b simultaneously to converse at all, she had to take whatever he threw at her, she had cut him artful, and she knew it.
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"What are you doing here?" Her voice was tight and hushed. He stifled a sly grin.
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