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Colin sighed, barely controlling his incense. He slammed the expression door, and stood with his arms crossed over his athletic caddy.
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Russell was very quiet and selfsame paltry. "What is it Darling?" Jenny asked.
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Oscar felt his blood begin cold, then begin to boil. He had encouraged Mellie to go allowing for regarding this piece of shit. Encouraged her! It would be his exceedingly if anything happened. He wanted to go warn her, but he knew that she wouldn't listen to him, and that her friends would flip if they saw him merely proposals her. He also knew he couldn't get into a fight with these asswipes at the moment, or he'd be expelled again, but he could go to the dance and repay sure he was always watching Bobby. Forcing himself to take deep breaths and calm down, he hurried off to band, hoping nothing would happen to her.
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