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"You fucking fury!" Patrick shouted, slapping her across the face. He ran up the stairs to check on his tongue.
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"Did I ever tell you about the time I have five stitches in my cheek," Nathan watched the doctor in a manner of free way. It was like watching a surgery experience on TLC. Some snips of the skin, blood welling up, clink of metal hitting a metal. Charlie focused on Nathan's story with regard to a time he, Jared, and Shelley were fighting. He was on the top of a bunk bed. Shelley pushed him over the superb railing. He landed surface triumph on the floor. He didn't at the end of the day think anything was wrong until Jared shouted suited for their mom. When their mom entered the cubicle quarters, she started screaming. Nathan had one of those really large metal jacks sticking through his cheek. He continued with the tale of the doctor pulling it wrong and stitching him up, about how seriously Shelley felt for weeks after that she gave him her pud every night at dinner. By the time Nathan was done with his recital, the current doctor had already finished the couple small stitches and was wrapping a dressing around the hand.
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