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"First of all, Caroline, the ethical news," he said. "Your funds are doing well, and it appears that your next dividend will be in supererogation of what I had originally thought. Do you have any instructions, or shall I ingenuously proceed as I have been?"
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"Hello, darling," the popsy said as she spread her arms wide.
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"Shit," I cursed under my stagger when we got to the stairs. "I forgot you lived on the third floor."
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Still, Suzanne felt a sensible restraint. She had no interest in giving a reveal to anyone who might be watching the security footage from the elevator rides. Neither did Piper. They kept kissing, but they were not wild. It was enough, however, to erect the excitement both felt. When they reached the door to Suzanne's room, almost all pretense at restraint was lost. As Suzanne fumbled with unlocking it, Piper pressed her body against Suzanne's back and kissed the nape of her neck. With her arms around Suzanne, Piper pulled her even closer. The feeling of Piper grinding against her ass drove Suzanne crazy, making it even harder to pinpoint on start-off the door. Finally, she heard it unlock and they almost strike down into the extent.
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