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"Don't you dare bring to a stop now," she said as his movements slowed, taking his hand and pulling it down between her legs, the silky textile there already drenched.
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"And I think that this item that's going on now between the two of us is good of kinky, kind of frightening, variety of sexy, kind of astonishing, all of those things! That's what I invent."
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Adrian shrugged. "She...tried to tell me it was mine," he said. "Fooled me, for the treatment of a time. I couldn't remember anything, at first, when I woke up. So she told me it was our child. Then, after I learned the truth, I had to watch her swell up and become enthusiastic about big with it."
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"I unprejudiced turned 40 and lust after to give myself a kind of gift and I concoct that sprucing up the 'old girl'---that's what I call the accommodate---is just the principle, just the gift that I want."
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