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"Valid, take care of her. You comprehend her, but I think dialect mayhap she is hurting more than you realize. I like her. If I lived closer, I might ..." Piper trailed off. "Never mind, but just supporter her."
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She tried to think about of something she could've done to deserve all she was going through. She doubted that Keegan was wondering the at any rate, wherever he was. He was probably enjoying himself, not even giving her a concern to gobble up his thoughts. She hoped that whatever was happening to her had some purpose. Sabrina was never the kind of person to doubt Spirit, but today was an exception. She just couldn't see what saintly would come from this large casualty. To be evicted and maintain your car towed in everyone day was something unheard of. She was indubitable in a few years, she'd tell someone the story and they'd laugh at the odds.
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