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"Valid, take care of her. You comprehend her, but I think dialect mayhap she is hurting more than you realize. I like her. If I lived closer, I might ..." Piper trailed off. "Never mind, but just supporter her."
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"What?" I shot him a bewildered look. "I don't be in sympathy with. Why would she say she was four months gone when she was only ten or eleven weeks? Surely she wouldn't make got that wrong? Why would she evaluate--why would she say that she--?" And then the penny dropped, my eyes widening. "Oh..."
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He didn't even need to maul. The door was cracked behind the screen and uncork on his appearance. Linda's home was a shamed, ranch styled dwelling a few minutes from the city. Keegan stepped inside and the smell of food hit him head on. He was too exhausted to in actuality think the scent over so he decided to just search around for her. She was spotted on the couch that faced away from the entrance. He could only see her pixie cut auburn hair once again the chair's back. Somehow he could sense her demeanor from where he stood. It caused him to be weary of the sounds his steps made. He cautiously took a seat on the style adjacent to her and tried not to glimpse in her direction. They sat there for a scarcely any minutes, altogether speechless as to what to say to the other.
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