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"She's tired. She's only had a few hours kip between closing the bar form vespers all the time, then making you breakfast and lunch before she got here at 4:30 to help you." She would have said more but Sandra put a surrender on her arm shifting her. She looked old-fashioned of the window into Harry's face.
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"There's not under any condition going to be a right time," Sarah said before the cultivate could acknowledge. "You're always common to be thinking 'I can't communicate that' or 'I can't positive her this' because you think she's flourishing to hold a relapse or another heart pounce upon or something. But let's face it, if that's thriving to happen, then it's better that it happens here, as the crow flies? While she's still in hospital surrounded by people who'd know what to do?"
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Sheila was the fifth different worry assistant they'd sent in six weeks; Numen knew why they couldn't find someone permanent. The nurses couldn't get across it either. Apparently most other patients had the same assistant all the time, whoever organised the service seemed consummately unskilful.
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Gray planned her for a moment before he nodded and stood up.
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