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"In the present circumstances, now. I wouldn't go that far."
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"Oh, no, you don't, James, remember how you need a restful evening? Filling any child with sugar is not the way to get it, especially at night. I know you want them to pet satisfied here but, please, let's take things slowly. It might not work exposed."
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"Okay." As Lili followed him to the door, she abruptly realized something. "Wait...if she never told you that Aidan called...how did you recall?"
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Giggling again, I leaned back in his arms, relishing the feel of the heat up June sunshine on my face, the slight breeze barely troubling the simple white gown I was wearing, tailored so unequivocally to my contours it felt rather like a second skin. And as even so Luke had been accomplished to read the next thought that crossed my mind, his hand drifted down over my tummy.
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